Moms Connect

The first few months of being a new mom involves radical changes to your body, your emotions, your relationships, and your lived in world. There needs to be one unchanging reality that does not change and becomes an anchor in all the turmoil of motherhood. We don’t do topics about mothering, or being a good parent. We come together to know and love Jesus. Jesus is the topic -every week. How knowing and loving Jesus affects being a mom will definitely be part of the application of the message, and part of our reflection time - but this is not a group about being a mom. This is a group about knowing and loving Jesus.


come early for conversation
9.30am to 11.15am

Childcare Provided -
Art Classes for 4&5 yr olds with Kamila Malek


Semester One: September 7 to December 14  
What Does it Mean to be a Flourishing Woman? Part I

Semester Two: January 11 to May 31  
What Does it Mean to be a Flourishing Woman Part II