Daily Prayer

Fixed-hour prayer is the oldest form of communal spiritual practice in the church.  The Psalmist said:

“Seven times a day do I praise You” (Ps 119:164).  


In ancient Judaism there was fixed-hour prayer and in the Greco-Roman Empire these prayers were on a regimen in keeping with Roman commercialism.

  • Forum bells at 6am "Prime" or "1st hour".
  • Mid-morning break at 9am "Terce" or "3rd hour".
  • Noon meal and rest at 12pm "None" or "9th hour".
  • Close of business at 6pm "Vespers".
  • Addition of evening prayer "Compline" (9pm) was added around the 6th century.  

Fixed-Hour prayer is often referred to as the “divine office” or the “liturgy of the hours.” Urban Abbey has written its own liturgy of the hours, we invite you to read our liturgies for each day of the week.


The schedule of all six prayer services are below.

We would love if you came and joined us at any of these times!

Daily Prayer Services

Prime: 6 AM

We rise to greet the day. In the Name of Jesus we engage in Lectio Divina and prayer thereby we commemorate the resurrection of our Lord from the grave, as His night became day!


We rejoice in the Word of the Lord.
For the Sake of Jesus we do Psalms reading and pray to seek illumination of the Spirit to discern the direction of our day!



We cry out on behalf of the human family.
For the glory of Jesus, Lord of Sabbath, we listen to ancient poetry and intercede for humanity - that this tossed and restless sea would find rest in God!


We intercede for the church of Thunder Bay.
In the fellowship of Jesus, we do Psalms reading and pray for the unity of the Christian family and the needs of our sisters and brothers around the city



We pour out our hearts for the city of Thunder Bay.
Through the redemption of Jesus, we proclaim the Nicene Creed and pray for the peace and flourishing of all peoples in the great city that God has made!


We prepare to sleep in the arms of God.
In the Peace of Jesus, together, we end our day, singing the Lord’s song as exile in a strange land - praying, confessing our sins and reading scripture!

This is the "Divine Office" that we use and follow in our daily services.