Kamila Malek, HBFA    artist and arts educator   Artistic Director of Urban Abbey

Kamila Malek, HBFA 
artist and arts educator
Artistic Director of Urban Abbey

Current project
"personal Space"

The term ‘personal space’ normally implies an invisible area around an individual which they consider psychologically theirs. This barrier can protect, but also keep others out.  Asking another person to pose for a painting is requesting that they let some of those barriers down and open themselves up to the scrutiny of the artist and public. This series is an invitation into the personal space of the subject through the exploration of their relationship to a particular place and time chosen by them. They are asked to share with me a story about a landscape which has significance, how that space makes them feel, and how they relate to it now. We discuss together options for poses that communicate that experience and reflect something of who they are. I thank the models for their openness to both me and to the viewers of my art. That openness is the chance to connect to the interior world of another, to see them, and to love them.