thrive staff team

THRIVE has a care model with specific deliverables that require engaging two carefully crafted spaces.  Our housing component, facilitated by on-site supervisors, would be best described as "holistic, relational embrace."  Our equipping environment, facilitated by directors, is best imagined as "a life-empowering system of training."


eve jagger

thrive director

Calling into existence the Thrive Vision as an outcome of overseeing all the components of the Thrive Environment.      +1 (807) 356-1364

janelle hutten

on-site supervisor

Managing the environment of the Thrive community by acting as a role model and building relationships with participants.

suzanne hanlon

assistant director

Assisting the Thrive Director in developing, promoting, and managing the programs and policies in alignment with our Thrive Vision

deborah griffith

cognitive behavioral therapist


Encouraging a gracious relational team ethos.  Provides therapy to Thrive participants.