our mission

Thrive is a community environment that includes: housing, recovery counseling,
whole life mentoring, pregnancy and parenting education through individually
tailored growth plans.


Teen girls engaged in maternal substance use and their infant children are encouraged to apply.  Our approach is relational with a family and personal systems orientation that engages from a whole life perspective: heart, soul, body and mind.


Housing with wrap around services for 1.5 years.


Second year is safe transition back into a supported environment in independent living.


Individualized journey with components such as:
continuing education, personal counseling,
life skills training, parenting education,
training for infant care, attachment education for mom, childcare for infant and toddler,
full services for cognitive and physical evaluation of children, attention to special needs where applicable, access to services appropriate to individualized needs and involvement in the larger community of women who are moms in Thunder Bay.


Integrated Model of Care

Thrive Systems Diagram.jpg


  • Women in Thunder Bay and region 
  • 14-25  years old and pregnant
  • Concerned about current substance use  
  • Willing to live in an abstinence-directed environment 
  • Open to a high level of relational interaction

It is a 1-2 year relational program and home for pregnant women who are committed to journeying towards holistic health

Referrals are reviewed by the Environmental Director Monday-Friday from 9am-2pm.

Our office is  at Urban Abbey in Thunder Bay, ON.

Commitments of
Thrive: life Together

  • Valuing and respecting each person’s place in their journey and their opinions
  • Sharing a home that is safe by taking care to protect it for myself and each woman and child here
  • Communicating in a loving way when I feel I have been hurt or offended 
  • Being truthful about who I am and where I am at
  • Seeking to be present in the community and an active participant 
  • Following the schedule that is outlined for the health and safety of the house and each individual

If Thrive ENVIRONMENT is for you,
please download an application here

eve@urbanabbey.ca    807.356.1364

We aim to...

  • Embrace women and infants into a safe community.
  • Help women access prenatal and pregnancy care and be trained in life skills.
  • Help women with continuing their education.
  • Empower women as they recover from substance use and in their identity as parents and caregivers.
  • Provide infants with an environment for loving attachment to mom.
  • Establish women in the community in independent living with support.

We Offer...

  • A safe community which provides housing, meals and an on-site supervisor.
  • Sessions with professionals on prenatal and postnatal education.
  • Access to group and individual counselling on relevant issues, i.e.: healthy identity, co-dependency, depression, relationships, etc.
  • Continuing high school education and life-skill training as indicated through tailored growth plans.
  • Access to education on drug addiction, recovery and relapse.

The Urban Abbey acts out of the values of hospitable presence, simplicity, humility and fidelity. Given this foundation, the environment of Thrive is at its best when we show mutual care, live a healthy lifestyle, have a teachable attitude and we are honest with ourselves and others.