The THRIVE environment is offered as a partnership of New Life Ministries Thunder Bay and Urban Abbey -
2 Christ-centered, gospel driven ministries who are charities committed to hope and healing through Jesus Christ, in Thunder Bay.


1. Enviroment

Environment for opiate addicted teen girls who are pregnant and their infant children from a whole life perspective: heart, soul, strength and mind.

2. HOusing

Housing with wrap around services for 2 years.

3. Transition

Third year is safe transition back into a supported environment in independent living.

4. Individuality

Program includes: individualized journey with components such as: education continuation, personal spiritual counseling, life skills training, parenting education, public health training for infant care, attachment education for mom, childcare for infant and toddler, full services for cognitive and physical evaluation of children and attention to special needs where applicable, involvement in a Christian community of women who are moms.

5. Faith

This is a faith-based Christian program where all staff, volunteers, nurses, etc. are Christians.