Urban Abbey Guest Intake

Urban Abbey seeks to be a reflection of Christ and to live into the call as His followers to share our food with the hungry and bring the poor wanderer into our house (Isaiah 58).

We open the doors to those in crisis or going through times of transition and are in need of a safe place and caring community to get to the next phase in life. We cannot always guarantee a space to all who ask – as space is limited – but we do our best to respond to those in cases of crisis and severe circumstances and to help them find their way forward.  

As this is our home, and in order to care for those living within the Abbey, we ask for full disclosure and honesty of those looking to reside here. We also ask that guests contribute to the Abbey environment and join in our daily rhythms however they are able during their stay.

To set up an intake interview, you can reach Scotland at
(807) 633-3052.