We have captured a few of our projects in video and picture form and are delighted to share them with you here.

The Artist Studio:  Major Project #3

spring & summer 2016

project details

This project mostly involved demolition and renewal.
1.  This space was formerly the sanctuary and it was filled with pews.  The pews were splendid and handmade in their origin.  However, they had grown cracked and separated and were held together with screws and nails.  They all had to be unscrewed from the floor and removed
2. The floor was covered in orange carpet, this all had to be ripped up and removed.
3. Beneath the carpet, plywood had been stapled and nailed to the beautiful fir plank flooring beneath.  The plywood had to be ripped up - with care to preserve the floor beneath.  The staples and nails had to be removed - one at a time by hand and there were 1000's of them.
4.  The floor beneath had never been treated.  It was sanded six times.
5.  The floor was then varnished.
7.  On the platform there were low railings at about 4 feet in height. All around the semi-circle platform.  These had to be removed.  There were also 20 foot high 2'x8' boards, nailed to the wall behind the platform (about 50 of them). Theseand the railings were from an unkind 1970's renovation of the sanctuary.  They had to be removed and demolished.
9. New drywall had to be put over the back of the platform area.  Then mudded, sanded and painted.
10. The ceiling at 42 feet in the sanctuary had been painted a mustard color.  It had to be entirely repainted.  This required four sections of scaffolding and ladders - to get the painter to the place where the ceiling could be sprayed a fresh, gleaming white.
11. A wall had been built over the stained glass windows in the north-eastern corner of the room.  This wall had to be torn down.  New drywall had to be affixed, the gothic peaks built out and then it needed a new window ledge and the whole painted.|
12. The ugly orange carpet on the platform was removed and fresh plank birch flooring - from a local supplier was put down, sanded and varnished.
13.  A new sound system with speakers, etc had to be affixed to the corners of the studio walls.

The Prayer Tower:  Major Project #2

fall & winter 2015/2016

project details

This project mostly involved new construction.
1.  Building a wall between the sanctuary and the new prayer tower.
2. Removing all of the rubble from the upper room that had been left there for about 60 years- primarily all the leftovers of the stained glass windows that had been removed from the 6 windows.
3. Removing all the bricks from the bricked up windows and taking them down to the street level.
4. Rebuilding stud walls over varying layers of brick in the prayer tower walls.
5. Reconstructing window openings.
6. Lifting windows each weighing 400lbs, by ladder, 3 stories up to the prayer tower.   Putting new windows in the window openings.
7. Building a floor on the floor joists at the second level.
8. Drywalling all 42 feet of the prayer tower - top to bottom and building out arched openings with drywall over the windows.
9. Cleaning and sanding all of the exposed floor joists at the third level.
10 Removing the solid wood plank flooring from the floor above the former Ladies' Parlour - piece by piece and preserving each piece.
11. Placing the preserved floor on the floor of the prayer tower - piece by piece.
12. Scrubbing and scraping the floor as it was put down.  We did not sand it so that we could keep the same patina and stains that were 107 years old.  Rubbing wax into the floor.
13. Painting the walls and building the ceiling and walls that will surround the final leg of the staircase into the prayer tower.
14.  Building out the window ledges of the 6 windows with plywood and then putting wood plank flooring on them to match the floor so that people could sit in the windows to pray or journal.
15. The lower floor of the prayer tower had been plank flooring but many planks were missing - so removing plank flooring from other areas of the building to fill in the gaps of the floor in the lower tower.
16. Sanding the floors in the lower prayer tower and varnishing them.
17. Hanging the pipes and hardware for the suspended staircase
18. Putting the stairs in place.
19. Mudding, patching and painting the walls of the lower prayer tower
20. Putting in the gas stove.
21.  Having the pews from the former sanctuary made into small kneelers to sit under each of the windows in the prayer tower.  This meant taking them apart and cutting them down to size and shape, refashioning them.  Then staining and varnishing them.
22.  Sewing cushions for the prayer kneelers.
23.  Placing the 107 year old wood table up in the prayer tower.
24. Placing the sacred art in the prayer tower
25. Making candle holders out of the former backs of the pews from the sanctuary.
26. Making the canvas with the announced prayer times and hanging it.
27. Taking an old cabinet that was left with the church, sanding it down, re-staining and varnishing it and making it the holder for hymnals and Bibles.
28. Taking the three, 107 year old chairs that used to sit on the platform in 1907 and strengthening them with new screws, stripping the stained fabric off of them and recovering them with new fabric with the same kind of finishing. 
29 Placing lighting in the upper tower and the lower tower - 2 new candle chandeliers.
30. Putting in the video surveillance system so we can keep the tower safe.

St Patrick's Dining Room:  Major Project #1

Spring & summer 2015

project details

This project involved a number of demolition and renewal steps.
1.  Removing the old suspended ceiling from the room and exposing all the beautiful fir and steel beams.
     Air-blowing the 100 years of dirt off the floor joists and painting the exposed pipes.
2.  Tearing up the tile from the floor, leveling the floor and skim coating it.
3.  Laying down new commercial flooring.
4.  Taking panelling off the walls in the former “Ladies Parlour” and nailing to the walls as wainscoting. Then painting it and adding baseboard trim.
5. Painting the upper half of the walls.
6. Putting in new lighting over the tables.
7. Tearing the drywall and studs off the stone wall, exposing the original wall, scrubbing the stone and then sealing it.
8. Building a platform and covering it with carpet.
9. Adding a gas stove in the style of an old wood stove.
10.  Adding a lovely sideboard and hutch.
11.  Hanging the freshly created Sacred Art.