Crucifixion Friday

Crucifixion Friday, the community followed Jesus through his day.  At 6am we remembered the trial before Pilate.  At 9am the community lifted the cross in place, remembering the physical crucifixion.  At 12 noon we placed the crown of thorns on the cross and entered into 3 hours of silence as the cosmos hid its face from the dying of her Creator on a cursed tree.

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday, March 24, 2016 the Abbey Community participated in our very first Seder meal together.  Passover is a symbol for Christians around the world of Jesus becoming the Paschal Lamb, slain for us.  While Jesus partook of Passover, 2 milennia ago, he not only prepared for his death but he prepared his followers for life.  He got down on his knees with basin and towel and washed his disciples’ feet.  To be a follower of Jesus is to become a servant to our King, Jesus and therefore a servant to all those in his kingdom.  So, to symbolize our surrender to this identity we spent time, after our Seder meal, in the literal and tangible work of basin and towel by washing the feet of one another while praying for them.

Archbishop Kolini from Rwanda Dedicates Urban Abbey Prayer Tower

Archbishop Kolini and his wife Frieda along with Bishop Silas Ng and his wife Michelle traveled to Urban Abbey to dedicate our prayer tower to the glory of God and the fame of His Name.  As a symbol of the blessing of the Spirit of God upon the tower, Archbishop Kolini poured a large glass of water upon the floor of the Abbey tower room.  We were so delighted by the amount of water splashed on our floor – we hope it will be a symbol of the measure of the Spirit poured out in that place.