+ What is an Abbey?

Throughout history, an Abbey was an expression of Christian community whose vision and corresponding organizational systems offered a prophetic and sometimes subversive voice to cultural norms both inside and outside of religious organization. Abbeys were always about ora et labora – work and prayer. Urban Abbey is modeled after ancient Celtic Abbeys with a focus on prayer, worship, community, hospitality, restoration and creative arts.

+ What is the Anglican Mission?

The Anglican Mission (TheAM Canada) is a part of the Anglican communion of churches world-wide. We are a misisonal arm of the Anglican Church and report directly to our Apostolic Vicar, Silas Ng, who is accountable to Archbishops in Africa and Asia. TheAM Canada is a missionary movement focused on raising up vibrant and authentic followers of Jesus Christ through organic congregations and a lifestyle of Christlikeness. http://www.theamcanada.ca/

+ What is a Rule of Life?

An Abbey Rule of Life roots us to Scripture and connects us to each other. It provides a vision of who we are being called into- both as individuals and a community, under the rule of Christ. Urban Abbey Rule of Life is meant to be the framework for a faithful expression of a community living out of the Scripture and into the context of Thunder Bay in the 21st century. As St. Benedict would say, a Rule of Life is, “simply a handbook to make the very radical demands of the gospel a practical reality in daily life.’

+ What do you do?

We invite you to engage with this website. It will provide you with both a visual and written record of our life together. But in short, we at the Abbey try to serve our community and it's urgent needs through various different initiatives.

+ How are you funded?

We are funded through the loving and generous donations of folks who want to cultivate faithfulness to God through giving.

+ Do people live at the Abbey?


+ How can I volunteer?

As you visit the various pages on our website you may see some things we are doing that really resonate with who you are. If, after prayer, you sense that God may be asking you to be curious or attentive to this, we invite you to contact the staff member featured on that page by the email address associated with their name. They will be happy to connect with you around volunteering.

+ What kind of donations do you need?

We need all kinds of donations. If you would like to give financially please go to our “Give” page. If you would like to share a food item with us – that would be great, we accept donations all day, every day. If you would like to share other items, please navigate around our website and see if there is a leader overseeing an area of ministry who might be able to let you know if we need that item.

+ When are your prayer services?

These are posted on our prayer page. http://www.urbanabbey.ca/prayer/

+ Who can come to your prayer services?

Everyone and anyone who wants to pray, wants to be prayed for or simply wants to observe.

+ How are you associated with First Baptist Church?

Please check out our history page; especially the article titled “Receiving the Torch” http://www.urbanabbey.ca/history/

+ Are you part of the Algoma Diocese?

No we are part of the mission arm of the global Anglican Church.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to come visit us, our doors are always open and we'd love to give you a tour and share a meal with you! OR send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!