Urban Abbey Staff

We are a group of people who could live anywhere in the world, but right now, we think Thunder Bay is the best place to be!  

We’re learning how to love God and each other and we want to join hands with neighbours in our city who are on that journey as well.

Scotland Morrison Lead Pastor                   

Scotland Morrison

Lead Pastor                   

Andrew Westerback Bard                                 

Andrew Westerback


Bill Morrison Abbot                             

Bill Morrison


Angela Martin Hospitality  

Angela Martin


Jennifer Morrison Worship           

Jennifer Morrison


Daryl Blunt Office Manager            

Daryl Blunt

Office Manager            

Josh De Jong Communications

Josh De Jong


 Kaitlyn Rut  Children

 Kaitlyn Rut


Thrive Staff

Eve Jagger Director

Eve Jagger


Suzanne Hanlon Assistant Director

Suzanne Hanlon

Assistant Director

Janelle Hutton Site Supervisor

Janelle Hutton

Site Supervisor