The Urban Abbey exists to reflect the face of Jesus.


We nurture a contemplative life where we can be transformed in the “face presence” of Jesus and we pursue an active life where that can be reflected to the outside community.

Why this Vision & mission?

“The Church is not the source of the witness; rather, it is the locus of witness. The light cast by the first rays of the morning sun shining on the face of a company of travelers will be evidence that a new day is coming”
Lesslie Newbigin


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At Urban Abbey we believe that the light of the knowledge of the glory of our Triune God is seen in the face of Jesus. The identity of Jesus of Nazareth clearly emerges from three phenomena: his incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection. Urban Abbey chooses to align with Jesus through: Incarnational Mission, Crucifixion-Styled Community and Resurrection Empowered Movement.


Consistent habit and ritual, embedded in a person's life, directs their desires, wants, and loves toward God.  This is why down through the last 1500 years, Abbeys have always followed a Rule of Life.