Gabriel MCKay...

It has been suggested that there are two things that can pierce the soul: beauty and suffering. When the two are bound together in a single unity the effect becomes breathtaking. 
In the life of Gabriel McKay, these have been circumstantially entwined...
On September 13, 2016 Gabe, a father of five young children, had a serious accident at the workplace that has placed him in critical care, in a coma for ten days now, with a head injury.      
In this time of heart-wrenching, soul-defying,sorrow his voice is still heard.  Prior to this trauma, Gabe had been wrestling with the idea of suffering and its role in the human narrative. Out of that processing he recorded his thoughts in song. As he shares his deepest beliefs about the purpose of suffering, we are granted resources for safe passage through the shadowlands of this world .

It is only from the depths of a very deep suffering that Gabe’s words can grab our hearts and take them down with him to the very edge of the abyss – and there instead of finding despair and meaninglessness, we find the face of Jesus as he walks with Gabe and as he walks with us.

In Christianity, we believe that God came to earth and suffered as a human person.  He came to suffer not so that we would not have to suffer; but so that in all of our suffering we would never be alone.

I share this song with the permission of Gabe's family