Thrive Excitement

We are happy to share our excitement that Thrive welcomed its first participants (mother and child) and had an opportunity to engage with them for a number of weeks before they moved on to a different environment.  Sue, our On-Site Supervisor, and Janelle, our Assistant Site Supervisor, enjoyed sharing the Thrive House with mother and child!  The first of many in the future!

Thrive is divided into a number of phases for our participants.  The Embrace Phase of Thrive, helps participants find belonging in our community and access much needed services through providing housing and meals, scheduling, transportation,  and other personal support.  The Thrive Staff recently created a "Participant Needs and Resources Assessment" that will be used as a first step in determining the needs and goals of each participant in order to design an individually tailored care plan.

Thrive is also grateful to several individuals who have recently contacted us about volunteering their time in the form of mentoring, childcare support, teaching independent living skills, and facilitating other relationship building activities with participants.  If you are interested in being a part of our Thrive Volunteer Team, please fill out our volunteer application.