Signs of Family

Urban Abbey is incredibly privileged to be part of a larger family called the Anglican Mission in Canada.

Our Bishop, Silas Ng, offers prophetic oversight and vision.  He continually calls us closer to Christ and to the reality of being fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Spring 2016, Bishop Silas' church, Richmond Emmanuel Church in British Columbia commissioned a whole multi-generational, cross-cultural team to fly to the Abbey for a mission of encouragement. More than anything else, they blessed us with the gift of faithful, Spirit-filled prayer.  The Abbey received a very precious out-pouring of the Holy Spirit through this wonderful team's visit.

Patrick and Sandy Wong were members of the team and while they were here they noticed our need for more vehicles and told us they would like to gift us with a beautiful van to assist the mission of the Abbey. Dickson Choi and Kelvin Tsang were also members of the team.

These kind and generous friends are seen in this picture preparing the vehicle they are donating to us for pick-up in just a few days time.

We want to say, "Thank You Jesus" for our Anglican Mission Family and for the generosity you have poured into the hearts of Patrick, Sandy, Dickson and Kelvin who are giving this great gift simply for the sake of love!  

Members of the Urban Abbey team will drive the van back to Thunder Bay in time for a very appropriate holiday - Thanksgiving!