A New Hobbity Land On the Horizons

Even though the artist studio is not quite up and running yet, there is still plenty of creative work going on at the abbey. There is an 8' by 10' mosaic of the Rublev Trinity underway as well as plans in the works for adding rich creative elements to various of our environments. The current focus is designing the creative art for an indoor play centre for 2 to 5 year olds that will be imaginative and fun; an inviting space they can come, especially in the long winter months, to tear about in. Thematically centred around a hobbit hole playhouse, some planned for features are a tricycle riding track, large sandbox, rope bridge, decorative murals, and tree houses for reading and drawing. It has been great fun and a great challenge to research potential layouts. It will be exciting to watch the project develop, but for now it is only a stack of papers with scribbles all over them.