The foundations for our Thrive Environment

The foundations for our Thrive Environment are reaching greater articulation as the Thrive Team continues to unify it's vision, goals, and strategies to help young pregnant women and their infants journey towards holistic health. With the assistance and gifting of Urban Abbey's Artistic Director, Kamila Malek, we have created a depiction of our integrative model of care. The whole person (mother and infant in our environment), composed of body, heart, soul, and mind,  is the center of our model. This whole person is also shaped by the past, present, and future of their life as it is experienced within time. This whole person exists and lives within  a social system and inhabits various spheres including the Thrive Environment, Urban Abbey, Social Networks, and Family.  Thrive aims for collaboration between these spheres when it is possible; in alignment with the Thrive vision and Abbey ethos. In order to maintain a holistic approach to healing and growth in our environment, the various aspects of our program must find their origin in this model of care.  Enjoy!

Thrive Systems Diagram.jpg