Finishing Touches

It’s great to see things falling into place for Thrive! It's amazing how many finishing touches there are when you are passionate about a project. Like art, when you lovingly keep adding and taking away until you feel like it’s perfect. One of these “finishing touches” for Thrive was a recent donation for enough funding for cribs and changing tables in each participant bedroom. We feel so blessed and supported to know others are willing to sacrifice their resources, so these little ones can have their own space to lay their heads.
We are now at the point of the journey where our Thrive Team get to ask for help from the wider community. I’m very interested to see what kind of talents and skills will be brought to light as volunteers step forward to join Thrive. I’m also excited to see what skills the girls will pick up quickly as they learn, and what activities will spark joy in their hearts. Can you imagine the confidence they will receive when they realize all they can do? If you have a skill or talent you want to share or are just interested in caring for the participants, please go to our website ( and fill out the “Thrive Volunteer Application”. Come join us on this journey!